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Investigator-sponsored research program

Supporting investigator-initiated research is an important part of our activities. We’re happy to engage with interested investigators who’re initiating projects that may be in need of assistance.

Our support ranges from providing devices, services, funding or a combination thereof. Nobel Biocare is committed to high research and ethical standards and bases all decisions to support research on the impact to patient treatment and the scientific rationale of the proposed research methods.

Nobel Biocare’s research efforts drive for continual advancement and cover basic research, preclinical studies as well as clinical research. We welcome applications in all these fields including material research, no matter if the project is big or small.

To start you need to register online. Once registered you’re able to:

  • Submit study proposals
  • Check on the status of submitted proposals

All submitted proposals are kept strictly confidential and carefully evaluated internally. We are looking forward to receiving your proposals.

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